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Merry X-Mas

FOAF and Snow
FOAF in the snow
See you after the snow ;)

Magic X-Mas Tree

Powered by Polonium?
Should this be my last blog post, then please inform the police that my death may possibly have been caused by polonium used to power the growth of a magic x-mas tree, a spectacular gift Alex Troidl sent me a couple of days ago. See for yourself:

magic x-mas tree

DanC, enter X-Mas

Too much wine?
There is a comma after the C, no?
DanC, enter X-Mas
(Taken at Hamburg's Christmas market last week-end. I obviously didn't have enough mulled wine if I still had IRC nicks swapped in ...)

DERI winter nights

Pre-X-Mas NUI Galway
After working overtime three days in a row, I'm now completely off-sync with the other folks here. This doesn't mean that I don't see anyone in the streets when I walk home in the night (that will never happen in lively Galway), but without a doubt I'm the only non-drunk person.

Apart from feeling a little bit like a zombie, night-working at cube farm DERI is definitely much more productive than during the day (with my fan heater being the best investment ever). Oh, and NUI Galway looks actually quite nice after sunset.

NUIG quadrangle, x-mas tree


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