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Naming Properties and Relations (comment)

A local comment to JeniT's post about predicate names
I was incapable of adding a comment to Jeni's interesting post about RDF predicate Names (markdown-related, my fault), so I'll quickly post it here, as I'm pondering similar things, too.

In her post, Jeni explores the issues around naming RDF terms. The community gathered a couple of experiences and suggestions in the last years, some entry points are:
  • (the|a)? PREDICATE(s)? of SUBJECT (is|are) OBJECT ((,|and|&) OBJECT)*
(There are more patterns, for things like tagging and typing, but the examples above are the predicate-related grammar rules).

As soon as you add (has|is|of) to one PREDICATE, you get problems with the other notations, so role-noun seems to be a good fit.

Unfortunately, one (non-trivial) problem remains: People (and Web 2.0 apps) also like 'SUBJECT PREDICATE_VERB OBJECT' (e.g. "likes", "bookmarked", "said", "posted", "is listening to" ...) and I don't have a proper idea how to handle those automatically yet, other than hard-coding support for the typical social media verbs. It could be possible to use wordnet to detect verbs and derive a canonicalized form, and then model those patterns as activities (activity = liking, bookmarking, saying, posting, listening, plus ACTIVITY_PERSON and ACTIVITY_TARGET or somesuch). If anyone has a suggestion, I'd be happy to hear it.

Grawiki - A Wiki (and aggregator) for graph-shaped data

Testing a first instance of Grawiki
In case you watched the "DriftR" screencast I created in December, there is now a live version online. (I dropped the initial name, my blog posts suddenly showed up in CrunchBase. ;-)

Grawiki is a SPARQL-based Data Wiki, a little bit inspired by freebase, less impressive, feature-rich, scalable and all that, but, well, OpenSource, SemWeb-enabled, and decentralized (each Grawiki installation can import selected graphs from other ones, back-POSTing is in the works). As it seems that I forgot to write-protect the instance mentioned above, you can play with it if you like. You'll most probably encounter bugs, the built-in inferencer is still at alpha stage, and editing of consolidated bnodes is quite tricky to implement. I'll tweak things in a day or two.

With Grawiki, I think I finally have (the start of) a tool that could work nicely for ad-hoc RDF editing and aggregation (it can import RDF and certain microformats). Oh, and a personal URI, and a FOAF file. At last ;-)

I'm now considering the addition of RDFa injections as a possible next step, the current editor uses a home-grown mechanism to activate the editing hooks and stuff, which was easier to implement and debug in my XHTML 1.0 development environment. Stay tuned, a download site probably won't be up before next week, gotta focus on urrrgent SWEO/knowee todos first...


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