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Official Start of the Project announcement.
The community project idea I mentioned last week has a name: The site is already public, content and features will be added step by step now. If there is anything you'd like to see at the RDFer site, I'd be happy about feature requests via comments in the announcement post over there.

SemSol Site launched

Basic description and some screenshots.
I've put up a little preview site for the SemSol framework today. Not much yet, just a basic description and some screenshots. A first public release is planned for Q1/2007, I'd like to test it with some other projects first.

Speaking of projects: you may have noticed that my 10/2006 re-re-launch version of the site has been removed (if you noticed the relaunch at all), DERI is going to put more internal resources on the portal from now on. Although it would have been a great stress-test project, I have to admit that using already mature tools like Wordpress, Mediawiki, and Drupal reduces risks on their side and also frees a lot of resources here. The new site is going to get a conceptual change, but I'll try to make the already aggregated and manually created data available via some other community project. The new site I plan to test SemSol with is going to be a Semantic Social Networking Service which will also provide some editorial content (my personal little non-W3C SWEO initiative). The SNS will of course be RDF-based, so there is still a back-integration option for, should it get a SPARQL upgrade at some later stage.


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