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Semweb shirt, mouse pad, and beer mats
Needed new biz cards for the webinale next week, experimented a bit with the service's other offerings while at it, and ended up with a shirt, a new mouse pad, and geeky beer mats. Hmm, should we ask the Comm team for a SWIG CafePress shop...?


Credits to Danny Ayers for the awesome "Get Your Data Out" tagline (and song!), and to Brian Manley for the CafePress suggestion.

Proposals: a new RDF collection and an aluminium edition for FOAF

Nothing special to report from my side, just thought I should post something at least once a month. I'm still working on end-user-friendly RDF annotators, a SKOS editor, and started generalizing my RDF store API in order to eventually turn ARC into a complete RDF toolkit. CONFOTO is going to be upgraded as well.

FOAF- alu edition

But, of course, no plan without attractive hooks for distraction: The new CONFOTO server came with a merchandise shop, so I re-activated the 3D tool I used for the banner this weekend and tried to design a Geek-Shirt for the upcoming SemWeb events I'm going to attend (Semantic Web Days in Munich, and ISWC in Galway). I think my shop is only available in German, maybe I should have a look at cafepress as well. And there's still this foaflets scene, anyone interested in making a shirt out of it? (Hm, does the FOAF project have a foaf:tipjar we could use for stuff like that)? However, a free T-Shirt for the first to add David Hasselhoff or another ex-star to the FOAF aluminium (FOAF Lite, ya know) edition.


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