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New ARC2 plugins

Keith Alexander is an ARC2 plugin factory
If there was a "most productive SemWeb coder" category in Danny's "This Week's Semantic Web", this week's turn would probably be Keith Alexander's. Last week, he provided no fewer than three ARC2 Plugins:
While at it, he also implemented a SPARQL+ wrapper for Talis Platform stores.

I think I blogged about Morten's RemoteEndpoint plugin a while back (this one should really become part of the core codebase), but did I mention Peter Krantz' File System Synchronizer? It keeps an RDF Store in sync with a file system directory which enables a really nice option to implement larger RDF editing systems on top of ARC: By using editing tools that work with small RDF files (quick response times and everything) and his plugin, it becomes possible to provide rich query functionality over the whole dataset without the store getting in the way of the publishing tools. RDF index rebuilding can be slow, de-coupling read from write operations and introducing an asynchronous update process is a nice solution.

Awesome stuff.


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