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ARC Graph Gear Serializer Plugin

Patrick Murray-John created an ARC2 converter for Graph Gear visualizations
Patrick Murray-John (who is currently Semantifying the University of Mary Washington) just released a first version of an ARC2 converter for Graph Gear visualizations. Looks pretty cool.
Graph Gear visualization from RDF via ARC

ARC Triples Visualizer Plugin

Luis Paulo implemented a graphviz access plugin for ARC
Luis Paulo created a graphviz plugin for ARC that generates .dot files and also SVG or bitmap graphics from triple sets (available features depend on the graphviz libraries installed on your machine). Thanks, Luis, great stuff!

ARC TriplesVisualizer Plugin output

ARC Remote Endpoint Plugin

Morten released his Remote Endpoint Plugin for ARC
OK, you're probably already wondering if Morten and I have a link exchange contract, but anyway: He just announced a plugin for ARC that provides "access to remote SPARQL endpoints as if they were local stores." Cool stuff :-)

RDF Tools - An RDF Store for WordPress

The ARC WordPress Extension adds an RDF Store to the WordPress Blogging System
Together with Morten Frederiksen and Dan Brickley (who is revisiting his SparqlPress idea), I've created a WordPress extension (called "RDF Tools") that adds an (ARC-based) RDF Store and SPARQL Endpoint to the blogging system. The store is kept separate from the WP tables (i.e. it's not a wrapper), but you can use WP's nice admin screens to configure it (screenshot), and given the amount of developer-friendly hooks that WP offers, I'm curious what can be done now, possibly in combination with other extensions such as those Alexandre Passant is working on. It could perhaps also be handy as a deployment accelerator for knowee.


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