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Pitch 'n' Putt

Golfing in Galway.
Today we went to one of Galway's golf courses. Cold, but definitely fun. We lost a lot of golf balls but found new ones that allowed us to continue playing ;)

galway pitch 'n' putt
Armin, Andreas, Eyal, Simeon
galway pitch 'n' putt
galway pitch 'n' putt
galway pitch 'n' putt

Trip to the Aran Islands

A day at Inis M
Today, we've been at Inis M

More Galway photos

Some pics of Galway
The University's "Quadrangle" where the Aula Maxima and several NUI Galway offices are located:
The fake-old, but still ancient looking Cathedral on my daily way to DERI:
In order to phone home I installed skype, an Internet-based telephony software. Very easy to set up, and I can use DERI's wireless network, but I needed a headset, which I bought at the Wellpark Shopping centre. The latter is in walking distance from the Docks. I took the following picture on my way back:

Walking through Galway

Galway is nice.
Galway is quite nice. Today I found the time to take some pictures:

Ce Na Mara, the place where I'm staying:
Ce Na Mara

It's next to the harbour, 2 minutes away from the city centre:
Galway harbour
city centre


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