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Project offer: Part-time RDF/OWL Modeling

part-time RDF/OWL modeling project
Here is a nice project offer I received, but that I won't have enough time to work on myself. The project is about analyzing a set of statistical reports and creating an RDF Schema or OWL Ontology for them. With help from friendly #swig folks, a first selection of probably re-usable schemas could already be identified. The next task would be picking the right terms, and maybe some thoughts about additionally needed glue terms.

If you are interested, please send a short mail to fwd_1 at semsol dot com. It will be auto-forwarded to the offerer.

Back from webinale 2007

slides and some impressions
webinale/ipc sign The webinale slides are online now. The session went OK, I'd say. I always make the mistake to look at the high conference prices and then end up trying to squeeze too much information into my talks to give the people some value for their money. It also was a bit hard to predict what the audience of the newly introduced webinale would be like. I did receive some great feedback from PHP coders (sneaking in from co-located IPC) who already had specific questions and asked about RAP and ARC. But I could see from many faces right after the session, that a very basic talk may have been better. Leo suggested to skip the ontology stuff entirely, the amount of different flavours (SKOS, RDF Schema, OWL Lite/DL/Full/+/-/1.1) is surely a whole mess marketing-wise. Next time I'll try to stick to the more intuitive stuff. At least I had a convincing demo about how (low-level) ontologies can be useful to greatly reduce custom application code.

I had a short chat with pageflakes' CEO Christoph Janz. Semantic Web technologies are not on their radar yet (maybe they are now ;), but we talked a bit about the possibility to add some RDF functionality to their widgets (which they call "flakes"). They may let us try some things in the context of the knowee project, e.g. a flake that could store contact data retrieved via GRDDL or a SPARQL endpoint. Might be worth checking out their SDK.

So, next time: less OWL, more wild colours:
semweb web 2.0 layers

OWL-backed project documentation

RDF-based project tracking tool
In the spirit of an eat your own dog food approach I've written a little SemWeb tool to document the SemWeb tools I'm developing here at DERI Ireland. The tool's basic functionality is documented at the relaunch project website.
project doc editor


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