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Burren tour on Nov. 14

Sightseeing around Galway.
moher Susanne came to Galway for the week-end and I was reminded that Ireland had more to offer than just working 24/7. So we relaxed, went to several fish restaurants (trying to compensate my 4kg weight loss so far), and booked a "spectacular" coach tour to the Burren, the area south of Galway.

The weather was OK. Cold and stormy, but no rain. And no fog!

The usual pics and panoramics:

Dunguaire castle
Dunguaire castle

"Ireland's most spectacular sea-cliffs, the famous Cliffs of Moher, which are 200m high and are extended for 8km long"
cliffs of moher

"Poulnabrone dolmen, a 5000 year old tomb used by the stone dwellers to bury their dead". I always wondered where the guys who built the house I'm currently staying at got their heat insulation know-how from. Now I know...


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