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semsol gets funding
This is going to change everything. Well, almost. I will continue to work on my Semantic Web solutions, but there will be a major re-branding and finally a focused roadmap. My code experiments and projects are going to be critically reviewed and consolidated. (I can't tell yet what stuff is going to be continued, but I'll keep my SWEO commitments, esp. the knowee community project which is going to start in April).
Quite some orga action coming up, but I'm looking forward to a clean bengee.reboot()
  • I'll move from Essen to D�sseldorf, which is closer to Cologne, the DUS airport, and also a little away from the Web periphery here, with the Ruhr Valley still in reach, though.
  • The appmosphere wordplay is going to be discontinued. No German really managed to pronounce or remember it correctly, and the *-osphere naming is rather overused these days anyway.
  • The new brand will most probably be which is going to be transformed to a Semantic Web Agency. (I've always been a frontend developer, combing this with an in-house RDF system will hopefully form a nice USP for the anticipated move towards info-driven Web apps.)
  • The open source RDF framework currently named semsol will get a new name (perhaps just "semsol suite", we'll see), and there will be more product-style solutions (a browser, an editor, a schema manager, etc.).
  • ARC will keep its name, but is going to be re-coded as ARC2 based on the experience and feedback obtained so far.
  • Less research-y slippery slopes.
  • More Germany-targeted activities.


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