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At ISWC 2005

I am back at Galway, attending ISWC 2005
/me is back at Galway, attending ISWC 2005. Murphy is again with me this time, my SPARQL store exploded last week, my posters were destroyed during shipping, the plane had a power outage, almost missed my connecting flight, plus the usual chaos ;)

But I'm here now, everything is just as expected (storm and rain) and hope is getting back to have a new version of CONFOTO up by tomorrow's Demo/SemWebChallenge session. I didn't manage to finish some of the more fancy features I had in mind (such as drag 'n' drop annotation), but I've got a nice new UI (you may notice that I'm a mac user now ;), and I'm going to introduce an RDF shopping cart which allows you to export resource descriptions collected during browsing photos and events.

DERI winter nights

Pre-X-Mas NUI Galway
After working overtime three days in a row, I'm now completely off-sync with the other folks here. This doesn't mean that I don't see anyone in the streets when I walk home in the night (that will never happen in lively Galway), but without a doubt I'm the only non-drunk person.

Apart from feeling a little bit like a zombie, night-working at cube farm DERI is definitely much more productive than during the day (with my fan heater being the best investment ever). Oh, and NUI Galway looks actually quite nice after sunset.

NUIG quadrangle, x-mas tree

Burren tour on Nov. 14

Sightseeing around Galway.
moher Susanne came to Galway for the week-end and I was reminded that Ireland had more to offer than just working 24/7. So we relaxed, went to several fish restaurants (trying to compensate my 4kg weight loss so far), and booked a "spectacular" coach tour to the Burren, the area south of Galway.

The weather was OK. Cold and stormy, but no rain. And no fog!

The usual pics and panoramics:

Dunguaire castle
Dunguaire castle

"Ireland's most spectacular sea-cliffs, the famous Cliffs of Moher, which are 200m high and are extended for 8km long"
cliffs of moher

"Poulnabrone dolmen, a 5000 year old tomb used by the stone dwellers to bury their dead". I always wondered where the guys who built the house I'm currently staying at got their heat insulation know-how from. Now I know...

Pitch 'n' Putt

Golfing in Galway.
Today we went to one of Galway's golf courses. Cold, but definitely fun. We lost a lot of golf balls but found new ones that allowed us to continue playing ;)

galway pitch 'n' putt
Armin, Andreas, Eyal, Simeon
galway pitch 'n' putt
galway pitch 'n' putt
galway pitch 'n' putt

Trip to the Aran Islands

A day at Inis M
Today, we've been at Inis M

More Galway photos

Some pics of Galway
The University's "Quadrangle" where the Aula Maxima and several NUI Galway offices are located:
The fake-old, but still ancient looking Cathedral on my daily way to DERI:
In order to phone home I installed skype, an Internet-based telephony software. Very easy to set up, and I can use DERI's wireless network, but I needed a headset, which I bought at the Wellpark Shopping centre. The latter is in walking distance from the Docks. I took the following picture on my way back:

Walking through Galway

Galway is nice.
Galway is quite nice. Today I found the time to take some pictures:

Ce Na Mara, the place where I'm staying:
Ce Na Mara

It's next to the harbour, 2 minutes away from the city centre:
Galway harbour
city centre

Setup day

Galway setup.
More luck today. Sun and everything. The view from my room:
ce na mara

And a double-screen working environment.
DERI desk


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