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Magic X-Mas Tree

Powered by Polonium?
Should this be my last blog post, then please inform the police that my death may possibly have been caused by polonium used to power the growth of a magic x-mas tree, a spectacular gift Alex Troidl sent me a couple of days ago. See for yourself:

magic x-mas tree

DERI - Dauntless Edward Research Institute

Edward doing real-world research.
edward doing research Most of the researchers at DERI are dealing with rather virtual things such as models, concepts, or web services. But yesterday I was lucky enough to get a glimpse of how real-world research works. Edward demonstrated that the "shortest path" problem in a graph can be approached by examining the behaviour of a wind-up toy car. There seems to be a direct relation between the number of attempts the car needed to reach the end of the office and the shortest way from one point to the other..

IRC is incredibly helpful to stay in touch over large distances

Autistic IRCing.
17:27:55 <aharth> anybody seen a tool to ...
18:22:42 <bengee> aharth, lists a ...
18:23:24 <bengee> hm, only the ...
18:32:13 <aharth> thx bengee :)

bengee, aharth


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