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New ARC2 release

Finally in sync with and the BZR repository
I moved ARC's codebase to a BZR repository 2 months ago but didn't really find the time to synchronize it with the way I created bundles in the past. Today I finally linked the repository and its TGZ creation feature from the main download page. This is the first bundle since March, so there are quite a number of fixes. Some tweaks were not logged, but from now on, the process should be more professional (thanks to the proper versioning system).

Here is the raw list of changes, the most interesting are probably the improved RDFa extractor (cheers to Toby Inkster and Masahide Kanzaki for code) and the new auto-cleanup of unused values/hashes in the RDF store. I received a couple of more patches which will be integrated in the coming weeks:
  • new component: Resource
  • new method: completeQuery (PREFIX-injection)
  • Reader: new method: getResponseHeaders
  • RDFa: fixes, +3 test case PASSes (thx to Toby Inkster & Masahide Kanzaki)
  • Class: auto-populate POST (php5 bug)
  • Class: refactored *PName methods
  • new methods: toIndex, toTriples, checkRegex
  • Parsers: unsetting reader object to fix garbage collection
  • SelectQueryHandler: improved LIKE-check for REGEX-rewriting
  • Class: used prefixes were not logged, leading to serialization gaps
  • Class: fixed root calculation bug in calcURI
  • Class: new methods: toDataURI/fromDataURI
  • ARC2_SPARQLScriptProcessor: improved automatic PREFIX injection
  • ARC2_RemoteStore: added automatic PREFIX injection and getResourceLabel method
  • ARC2_StoreSelectQueryHandler: fixed missing brackets in getExpressionSQL.
  • Reader: Improved timeout handling
  • Reader: support for port in http header (thx to Roan O'Sullivan)
  • Slowly starting to switch to inline PHPDoc documentation
  • Atom_Parser: Addition: support for link types
  • DeleteQueryHandler: Addition: cleanValueTables method (auto-called every 500 DELETE queries)
  • Class: new method: resetErrors
  • Class: switch from getScriptURI to getRequestURI in init()

In related news:
  • Tuukka Hastrup created an ARC 2 Starter Pack that simplifies the process of setting up an ARC store.
  • Andrew Ritz created a WordPress extension that lets you embed results from remote SPARQL endpoints directly in your blog pages. - A central home for semsol code

Semsol gets code repositories and browsers
The code bundles on the ARC website are generated in an inefficient manual process, and each patch has to wait for the next to-be-generated zip file. The developer community is growing (there are now 600 ARC downloads each month), I'm increasingly receiving patches and requests for a proper repository, and the Trice framework is about to get online as well. So I spent last week on building a dedicated source code site for all semsol projects at

So far, it's not much more than a directory browser with source preview and a little method navigator. But it will simplify code sharing and frequent updates for me, and hopefully also for ARC and Trice developers. You can checkout various Bazaar code branches and generate a bundle from any directory. The app can't display repository messages yet (the server doesn't have bzr installed, I'm just deploying branches using the handy FTP option), but I'll try to come up with a work-around or an alternative when time permits.

Code Browser


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