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Paggr article in Nodalities Magazine 6

The latest NodMag issue features an article about Paggr.
Talis' new Nodalities Mag is now available online (and the print version is on its way to subscribers). This issue contains six semantic web articles, including one about Paggr:
  • Linking Data and Semantics at O'Reilly - Gavin Carothers and Charles Greer tell O'Reilly Media's Linked Data story.
  • Discovering SPARQL - Alex Tucker exposes SPARQL endpoints via Bonjour.
  • Linked Data In(ter)Action - Benjamin Nowack discusses Paggr.
  • Introducing: STI International
  • Social Semantic Web Scales in the Cloud - Simon Schenk discusses SemaPlorer
  • Streams, Pools and Reservoirs - Leigh Dodds explores flowing data


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