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Congrats to this year's SemWeb Challenge Winners

Winners of SWC 2007 announced
I was among the reviewers this year and really curious about who would win. My votes were a bit different from the final result, but then it was tricky to compare the 2007 submissions which all seemed to have their strengths in different aspects of the Challenge criteria (e.g. Revyu scores high with regard to "Ease of Use", Potluck just blows you away, CHIP is super smart, GroupMe is both visionary and fun, iFanzy/SenSee is already marketable, etc.). So, congratulations to all of them:

1st Prize:
2nd Prize: Potluck
3rd Prize: CHIP Demonstrator

Runner-ups: GroupMe and iFanzy.

From the overall submissions, I found GroupMe, mle, and SemClip very interesting. They have a focus on instant utility and are close to the practical RDF stuff I'm interested in myself.

Looking forward to next year.

Oh, and someone should give an award to Jen Golbeck, Peter Mika and the other challenge organizers as well!

R/WW 2007 Web Predictions: SemWeb, Structured Data, Widgets

Read/WriteWeb Web predictions 2007 mention Semantic Web, Structured Data, and Widgets
Yeah, I know, these predictions get inflationary, but when they mention the core ingredients I try to integrate in a product, it may be worth a post.

So, Richard MacManus' Read/WriteWeb team predicts for 2007:
"structured data will be a big trend next year"
"Widgets exploded in 2006 but will continue rising in 2007"
"Semantic Web products will come of age in 2007"
"social networks will probably also become more open - and data portability will start to occur"
Would be cool if they are right ;)


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