finally a bnode with a uri - A central home for semsol code

Semsol gets code repositories and browsers
The code bundles on the ARC website are generated in an inefficient manual process, and each patch has to wait for the next to-be-generated zip file. The developer community is growing (there are now 600 ARC downloads each month), I'm increasingly receiving patches and requests for a proper repository, and the Trice framework is about to get online as well. So I spent last week on building a dedicated source code site for all semsol projects at

So far, it's not much more than a directory browser with source preview and a little method navigator. But it will simplify code sharing and frequent updates for me, and hopefully also for ARC and Trice developers. You can checkout various Bazaar code branches and generate a bundle from any directory. The app can't display repository messages yet (the server doesn't have bzr installed, I'm just deploying branches using the handy FTP option), but I'll try to come up with a work-around or an alternative when time permits.

Code Browser

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