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Paggr screencast: Conference Explorer (proto)

Prototype screencast of a semantic conference explorer for ESWC 2009.
I just returned from a short, doc-enforced trip to Nice (awesome place, savoir-vivre and all that) and will fly to the NYC SemWeb Meetup in a few days. Before we went to France, I created another Paggr screencast. This one is the first to show the (user-facing) dashboard and widgets we plan to make available as a semantic conference explorer at ESWC 2009. Still some way to go, but I'm optimistic that we'll have a number of handy helpers online by the beginning of the event. I won't be able to attend in person, so I'm highly motivated to have at least a twitter and twitpic tracker up and running then.

HQ version (quicktime, 134MB)

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