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Semantics @ SIMsKultur Online

SIMsKultur Online is adding semantics
Exciting times, it really looks like we are about to witness RDF's tipping point. Every other week we see another service adding semantic web support. I didn't even find time to play with O'Reilly's RDF data yet, and yesterday I already came across the next site: SIMsKultur not only added RDF export for all events (more info at evo42), but also put up a hacked smesher instance to enrich and filter their Tweets (work in progress). I've been told that even SPARQL support is on their list.

smesher @ SIMsKultur

This is exactly the stuff I was dreaming of when I started with RDF development: Web agencies enhancing their customers' experience with easy-to-deploy solutions. I didn't expect it to become such a marathon, and we're still not fully there yet, but it feels a lot like we're finally hitting the home stretch :-)

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