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paggr teaser video and pre-registration site online

paggr teaser video and landing page
I've been semi-silently working on something new. A combination of many semwebby things I came across and played with during the last 3 years or so:
  • semantic markup
  • smart data
  • an rdf clipboard
  • ajax
  • sparql sparql sparql
  • sparql + scripting
  • sparql + templates
  • sparql + widgets
  • lightweight, federated semweb services and bots
  • UIs for open data
  • semwikis
  • agile and collaborative web development

So, what happens when you put this all together? At least something interesting, and perhaps semsol's first commercial service. (Or product, this is all just LAMP stuff and can easily be run in an intranet or on a hosted server). Anyway, still some way to go. It's called paggr, the landing page is up, and today I created a first teaser/intro video.

I'll demo the beta (launch planned for November) at upcoming ISWC during the poster session (my poster is about SPARQL+ and SPARQLScript, the two SPARQL extensions that paggr is based on). I may have early invites by then.

As a preparation for the hopefully busy fall and winter months, though, I'll be on vacation for the next two weeks. No Email, no Web, no Phone. Yay!

HQ version (quicktime, 130MB)

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if i had to recap what i just saw on your screencast in just a few words, i would say that paggr is a semantic "netvibes" with on-the-fly mash-up capability and sparql support! even if some HSI actions still need some work for common end-users, this platform is exciting and i would love to play with it. :-) can you give me an invite? keep up the good work!
Comment by Adrien Joly on 2008-10-17 07:45:42 UTC
Paggr, a semantic mashup-enabled and sparql-based netvibes? (Trackback):
I just watched the teaser video of a new website called Paggr, and I must say that it looks exciting to me! Paggr is a platform that allow users to create pages on which they add widgets, similarly to iGoogle or netvibes. The differences are that...
Trackback from "Adrien Joly" on 2008-10-17 08:10:32 UTC
Adrien, Thanks for the feedback! Right, the UI needs improvements, and I appreciate all suggestions I can get during the beta phase. I'll try to send out a first set of invites in one or two weeks. I just checked the list of pre-registrations, looks like you'll be in the first group.
Comment by Benjamin Nowack on 2008-10-22 09:46:41 UTC
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