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A Faceted Browser for ARC

One of the first Trice components is probably going to be a faceted browser for ARC
I'm going on vacation in a couple of days, and before that, I'm trying to tick off at least a few of the bigger items on my ToDo list. I was hoping for a first Trice preview (now that ARC is slowly getting stable), but this will have to wait until September. However, I managed to get another component that's been on my list for ages into a demo-able state today: A SPARQL/ARC-based faceted browser (test installation at Semantic CrunchBase).

faceted browser

It's an early, but working (I think ;) version. A template mechanism for the item previews is still missing, but I'm already quite happy with the facet column. The facets are auto-generated (based on statistical info and scope-detection), but it's also possible to define custom filters (for more complicated graph patterns, see screenshot below). Once again, SPARQLScript simplified development, thanks to its placeholders for parameterized queries.

faceted browser administration

I think I'm going to use the browser for a first Trice bundle. It's not too sophisticated, but builds on several core features such as request dispatching, RDF/SPARQL-based views and forms, basic AJAX calls, and cached template sections.

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Nice! Looking forward to its release, will try migrating my photo stuff to that, I assume it can be used (almost) stand-alone?
Comment by Morten Høybye Frederiksen on 2008-08-12 20:14:26 UTC
Thanks, Morten. A Trice app normally uses a couple of ARC stores, e.g. for session and site information (the browser module uses a cache store for the list and facet queries). But apart from that, the browser can be used stand-alone. An initial setup query is needed to infer label properties, maybe I can get rid of that somehow.
Comment by Benjamin Nowack on 2008-08-19 14:36:18 UTC
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