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Experimental ARC mailing list

A public group mailing list for ARC
ARC RDF CLasses for PHP I'm still working on the new website for ARC, but I managed to set up a group mailing list yesterday. It's a little (*cough*) experimental, based on ARC2 and Trice (another forthcoming semsol product). So, this is a shout-out to ARC users and developers with an invitation to subscribe and help me test that "DIY SPARQL Mailman" before I do a proper announcement for the new site and community tools (hopefully later this week).

Thanks in advance,

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subscribed. It's great to see some progress on ARC2's site and release, definitely looking forward to be among the first beta testers!
Comment by St├ęphane Corlosquet on 2007-11-21 11:32:07 UTC
Arc2 having a powerful stuff. I am looking forward to use it.
Comment by aatif on 2009-02-17 12:19:52 UTC
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