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Off to webinale 2007

SWEO infiltration at webinale 2007 in Ludwigsburg, Germany
see me speak at webinale
I'm kindly invited to give a talk on "Semantic Web and Web 2.0" at tomorrow's webinale in Ludwigsburg, Germany. Leo will be there, too.

Sounds like a nice SWEO infiltration opportunity. And I'm looking forward to some new drankBeerWith triples, there is a networking party on Tuesday, possibly joined by the International PHP Conference and the AJAX in Action sub-event which are colocated with the webinale.

I'll make the slides available when I'm back, but the more interesting news is that I just finished a working little implementation based on TimBL's Semantic Clipboard idea and the "Polymorphic Drag&Drop" functionality I experimented with during the last months (yes, that's DnD instead of CnP now). Now I just hope I'll get swiftly through the theoretical part of my presentation and save enough time for the demo at the end..

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