finally a bnode with a uri upgrade to SemSol

Switching to SemSol
If you can read this, my server move and blogging platform upgrade was successful.
Welcome to the new bnode, now powered by an entirely SPARQL-based CMS.

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If it is SPARQL-based, what is inside? If RDF I congrats to new SW approach. Do you plan to distribute the CMS to open-source community? I am mainly interested in architecture because semweb has a big deal in documenting good sw-architecture approaches :-(

// TODO I put link into "website" field, but the system could not valid it.
Comment by Josef PetrĂ¡k on 2006-12-02 17:08:50 UTC
Yes, it's all RDF inside. Several ARC stores handle the contents, access control, session data, etc. There isn't much direct SemWeb functionality available yet, the current benefit was more to accelerate web development by using RDF infrastructure. But I'm going to add features which exploit the SemWeb part a bit more (e.g. browsers, aggregators, or endpoints)

And yes, the framework is going to be OS (same license as ARC). The SemSol site should be up soon with a basic description, and once the whole thing has less silly bugs (thanks for the report, btw, hopefully fixed now), I'm going to make bundles available.
Comment by Benjamin Nowack on 2006-12-02 18:08:11 UTC
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