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At ISWC 2005

I am back at Galway, attending ISWC 2005
/me is back at Galway, attending ISWC 2005. Murphy is again with me this time, my SPARQL store exploded last week, my posters were destroyed during shipping, the plane had a power outage, almost missed my connecting flight, plus the usual chaos ;)

But I'm here now, everything is just as expected (storm and rain) and hope is getting back to have a new version of CONFOTO up by tomorrow's Demo/SemWebChallenge session. I didn't manage to finish some of the more fancy features I had in mind (such as drag 'n' drop annotation), but I've got a nice new UI (you may notice that I'm a mac user now ;), and I'm going to introduce an RDF shopping cart which allows you to export resource descriptions collected during browsing photos and events.

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