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This is Benjamin Nowack's personal Website, Blog, and tech playground.

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Moving forward back to Self-Employment

I'm self-employed again after an inspiring year at Talis.

I'm joining Talis!

I'll start working for Talis' Kasabi team

Want to hire me?

Seriously. I am looking for a full-time job. - Threat or Opportunity?

Some thoughts about the impact of

Upgrading an outdated CentOS-VServer to PHP 5.3 with JSON enabled

A very easy way to switch from a restricted PHP 5.2.6 to PHP 5.3.6 without destroying Plesk.

2011 Resolutions and Decisions

I'm shifting focus from infrastructure and research to solutions and customer projects.

Semantic WYSIWYG in-place editing with Swipe

Introducing Swipe, Paggr's Microdata editor.

Is the Semantic Web Layer Cake starting to crumble?

Some thoughts about the ever-growing number of RDF specs.

Dynamic Semantic Publishing for any Blog (Part 2: Linked ReadWriteWeb)

A DSP proof of concept using data.

Dynamic Semantic Publishing for any Blog (Part 1)

Bringing automated semantic page generation a la BBC to standard web environments.

Linked Data Entity Extraction with Zemanta and OpenCalais

A comparison of the NER APIs by Zemanta and OpenCalais.

Contextual configuration - Semantic Web development for visually minded webmasters

A short screencast demonstrating contextual configuration via widgets in semsol's RDF CMS.

Trice' Semantic Richtext Editor

A screencast demonstrating the structured RTE bundled with the Trice CMS

Could having two RDF-in-HTMLs actually be handy?

A combination of RDFa and Microdata would allow for separate semantic layers.

Microdata, semantic markup for both RDFers and non-RDFers

RDF-in-HTML could have been so simple.