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ARC Data Wiki Plugin

ARC now supports Plugins, one of them is a Data Wiki that speaks SPARQL+ and workd with Tabulator
I'm blessed with a small but first-class community around ARC that helps me with bug reports, patches, encouraging feedback, and nifty ideas. One example for the latter was Morten Frederiksen's invention to allow ARC to be extended with third party plugins. He even demonstrated the utility by enhancing the toolkit with a remote SPARQL endpoint for his named graph exchange work. ARC plugins are not bundled with the core codebase (which is meant to stay compact), but can easily be integrated in any ARC installation (Developer documentation is now online, too).

My first own plugin was triggered by Tim Berners-Lee's suggestion to write a lightweight request handler for an RDF-powered Data Wiki, as described in a recent Tech Report (PDF) and already implemented with Algae. I had to tweak the SPARQL+ spec and ARC's Query Parser to make it compatible with Eric Prud'hommeaux's SPARQL/Update flavor. This had the nice side-effect that all three SPARQL Write proposals (SPARUL, SPARQL/Update, SPARQL+) now (almost) share a common subset for basic INSERTs and DELETEs. After these updates, writing the plugin itself became almost trivial.

The code is still experimental and limited, but it's available for download, together with setup instructions. The Data Wiki plugin doesn't require a database (unlike the other SPARQL components in ARC) and supports update calls sent by RDF editors such as the Tabulator. I've set up a demo RDF wiki and will try to add remote update functionality to my own editor (to be renamed) now as well. Hmmm, would be cool to have a selection of generic tools to collaboratively read from and write to shared RDF spaces one day.

Data Wiki


First documentation for ARC2 available, including a SPARQL extension proposal for write operations
The new ARC site is coming along quite nicely. Last week I implemented two (low-level) agents that log IRC conversations and mails to ARC-DEV. RDF and SPARQL make such things incredibly easy. Today, I started writing documentation for the preview release of ARC2, and one the core changes to ARC1 is the removal of the API class for inserts and deletes in favour of an extended SPARQL, called SPARQL+ which enables aggregates, LOAD, INSERT, and DELETE, without the need for major query engine code additions.

LOAD is compatible with the LOAD operation introduced in the SPARUL proposal:
INSERT and DELETE are different, though. They re-use the LOAD and CONSTRUCT handlers which simplified the implementation and will hopefully make it easier for people who just learned SPARQL's standard syntax. INSERT and DELETE in SPARQL+ each support two different forms, one for explicit triples (with simple wildcards in DELETE queries), and one for dynamically CONSTRUCTed ones, e.g.
 <#foo> <bar> "baz" .
 <#foo2> <bar2> ?any .
  ?s foaf:knows ?o .
  ?s xfn:contact ?o .
More examples and detailed information about how exactly SPARQL+ extends the SPARQL grammar are available in ARC2's SPARQL+ documentation section


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