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Semantic microblogging talk @ MBC09

Quick report and slides from my session
Last week I've been at MBC09, a conference about all things microblogging. It was organized by Cem Basman, who not only managed to get very interesting speakers on stage, but also a report into Germany's main TV news.

The conference started slowly, with a little underwhelming sponsored keynotes, but then quickly turned into a great source for inspiration, thanks to barcamp-style tracks during the rest of the conference. I particularly enjoyed the session about Communote (a microblogging system for corporate use), a talk by Marco Kaiser about near-client XMPP at seesmic, and a panel about "Twitter and Journalism" (really entertaining panel speakers).

As usual, I pulled a near-all-nighter to hack on a funky demo, only to get on stage and have a projector that didn't like MacBooks. Luckily, I was co-speaking with Sebastian Kurt who had slides for using Twitter as an interface to remote apps (todo list management and similar things), so I didn't have to fill the whole 30 mins stuttering about demos that no one could see. Anyway, given the circumstances, the session didn't go too badly. Interestingly, the Zemanta and Calais APIs triggered most of the questions.

I've now uploaded my slides (and added some screenshots of the demo prototypes), in case you're interested in this stuff or wonder what I would have talked about, or if you didn't see the demos after the session.

SPARQLBot wins "Scripting for the Semantic Web" Challenge

SPARQLBot won 1st prize at the ESWC2008 Scripting for the Semantic Web Challenge
I couldn't afford attending this year's ESWC in person. This is a pity as the annual "Scripting for the Semantic Web" (SFSW) Workshop is part of the main conference, and I would have loved to meet the SemWeb Scripting community. I did send in a submission to the SFSW scripting challenge, though, and if the tweets that came through the Tenerife net bottleneck are right, it was worth the effort :-)

And the 2nd prize went to SMOB, the SemWebby Twitter. Congratulations to Alexandre, Tuukka, Uldis, and John! (Cool to see ARC used in their project, too.)

I promised T-Shirts to ARC's core contributors some time ago, and I think I'll use the prize (kindly sponsored by the SemWeb masters at Talis) to finally create and send out some Thank-Yous to the community.

SPARQLBot wins SFSW Challenge 2008


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