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webinale 2008 starts today

I'm giving 2 talks at webinale 2008 in Karlsruhe
see me speak at webinale 2008 Still a few hours left to finish my presentations, then I'll join Germany's WebDev crowd at the webinale 2008 in Karlsruhe (It's taking place at the same location as this year's ISWC). My talks are about "Semantic Web Tech 'n' Use" (mostly microformats, RDFa, SPARQL), and RDF-based "Online Social Graph Consolidation" (FOAF, XFN, SPARQLy inference, knowee etc.), and there will be more SemWeb-related talks:
A (personally) interesting thing about the webinale is its co-location with the International PHP Conference, and the (new) Dynamic Languages World Europe, and that registering for one conference includes free access to any of the others. It's the perfect audience to talk about practical SemWeb Scripting with ARC and PHP.


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