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Looking for paid (Semantic Web) Projects

I could need more paid projects..
Update 2: Yay, I think I'm safe for the next couple of months, should have blogged much earlier. Now I'm starting to think we could really need a Job site for SemWeb people..

Update: Ah, the blogosphere. I already received some replies. One to share: Aduna is looking for a Java Engineer.

About a year ago, I received some funds which allowed me to re-write the ARC toolkit, and also to bring Trice (a semantic web application framework for PHP) to production-readiness. However, Semantic Web Development is generally still very new, especially in the Web Agency market where I'm coming from. It's not that easy yet to keep things self-sustaining.

May well be that I should blog less about bleeding-edge experiments, but rather about how RDF and SPARQL allow me to deploy extensible websites at a fraction of the time it used to take in the past. "Release Early", "Data First", "Evolve on the Fly", and all those patterns that SemWeb technology enables in a web development context.

Anyway, to keep things short: I'm actively (read: urgently ;-) looking for more paid projects. I'm a Web development all-rounder with particular interest in scripting languages and quite some experience in delivering RDF and frontend solutions (more details on my profile page). While it would of course be great to work on stuff where I can use my tools, I'm available for more general web development as well. I'm most productive when I can work from my office, but temporary travelling is basically fine, too. The D�sseldorf Airport is just minutes away.

Cheers in advance for suggestions,


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