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SPARQLBot wins "Scripting for the Semantic Web" Challenge

SPARQLBot won 1st prize at the ESWC2008 Scripting for the Semantic Web Challenge
I couldn't afford attending this year's ESWC in person. This is a pity as the annual "Scripting for the Semantic Web" (SFSW) Workshop is part of the main conference, and I would have loved to meet the SemWeb Scripting community. I did send in a submission to the SFSW scripting challenge, though, and if the tweets that came through the Tenerife net bottleneck are right, it was worth the effort :-)

And the 2nd prize went to SMOB, the SemWebby Twitter. Congratulations to Alexandre, Tuukka, Uldis, and John! (Cool to see ARC used in their project, too.)

I promised T-Shirts to ARC's core contributors some time ago, and I think I'll use the prize (kindly sponsored by the SemWeb masters at Talis) to finally create and send out some Thank-Yous to the community.

SPARQLBot wins SFSW Challenge 2008


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