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How to use CBbot

Some simple instructions for the CrunchBase Twitter bot
OK, looks like the CrunchBase bot got some attention after Fred Wilson's post about possibly handy phone apps. So, if you discovered Semantic CrunchBase or the related bot via non-SemWebby paths, the whole "Define your own API commands with SPARQL" is probably a bit too much, tech-wise. Here are some short instructions for using the bot:

The syntax is basically just "@cbbot, command" where command has to match one of the user-defined commands. Some of them are generating HTML and might therefore not be suited for Twitter access. The main, Twitter-optimized commands are:

  • ${role} (of|at) ${company}: This command is for requests like "@cbbot, Intern at TechCrunch", "@cbbot, founder of facebook", "@cbbot, board of Pandora", "@cbbot, ceo of twitter", etc. (I made the command case-insensitive today, BTW)
  • link to ${keyword}: This command returns a CrunchBase link for the given keyword. The latter can be a company (name or CB identifier), product (name or CB identifier), or person (CB identifier). Examples: "@cbbot, Link to foodzie", "@cbbot, link to EC2", "@cbbot, link to michael-arrington".

Would you like to see additional twitter commands, but don't know about SPARQL or how to use the command editor? Please send command requests to me or to the bot and I'll try to add them.


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