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Zemanta releases LOD-connected NLP API

Results from Zemanta's new Open Semantic API are interlinked with DBPedia, Freebase, MusicBrainz, Semantic CrunchBase, etc.
When I read OpenCalais' pre-announcement of Calais 4 a couple of weeks ago, I got pretty excited about their plan to offer an NLP API that can be combined with entities from the LOD cloud. It seems we don't have to wait any longer: Today, Zemanta beat the Calais team to it with the release of a new Semantic API (More details on TC). Andra┼ż Tori already (and kindly) sent me a file with hundreds of mappings for Semantic CrunchBase which I'm going to include in the coming days.

I think these APIs have the potential to sweep away feature-poor or closed services in favor of personal DIY SemWeb apps (my first reaction to the Calais 4 post was "bye bye Twine"). Think of a simple RDF/SPARQL tool that, based on a set of tags, subscribes to feeds from the major bookmarking (or other) services, pumps the links through Zemanta's API, and then delivers all the things that might interest you. It wouldn't require a new bookmarking service, it could let you filter by company or product, or even limit results to suggestions by people in your social network. Such an app could provide rich add-on information from LOD datasets like DBPedia. In a very light-weight, loosely coupled, "On Demand" fashion.


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