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Semantic Web Aliases

A list of names for the Semantic Web
Update: Kingsley provides a number of Web references for most of the buzzwords below.

I just had an interesting twitter dispute with Ian, triggered by his invention of another alias for the Semantic Web. For last year's webinale I created a slide with which I tried to "de-confuse" people a little bit, I guess I'll need several slides this year. This is mostly just for future reference, not many of those are going to stick anyway:

A list of terms people use to name (a subset/aspect/whatever of) the "Semantic Web":
  • Semantic Web (by timbl)
  • SemWeb (by the developer community)
  • Web of Data (by timbl)
  • Data Web (by timbl)
  • The Web as a Database (by timbl)
  • Web of Knowledge (by stefandecker)
  • lowercase semantic [wW]eb (by tantek)
  • Knowledge Web (by ?)
  • Semantic Web 2.0 (by stefandecker)
  • Web 3.0 (by nova)
  • Semantic Graph (by nova)
  • Hyperdata (by danja)
  • Linked Data (by timbl)
  • Linked Data Web (by kidehen)
  • Structured Web (by the structured blogging community and mkbergman)
  • Semantic Data Web (by kidehen)
  • GGG - The Giant Global Graph (by timbl)
  • Web 3G (by iand)

See also: Interblag

And I fear there are more (even w/o considering "Pipe Dream", "Ivory Towers Inc." and similar ones). I like "Structured Web" and "Hyperdata" very much. But at the end of the day (yes, I know silly jargon as well), I think we'll just call it the [sS]emantic [wW]eb ;-)


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