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The Semantic Web - Not a piece of cake...

The SemWeb layercake diagram as an isometric infographic
For a client project I've been looking at Isometric Projection, which is not only nice for mapping 3D objects to a 2D environment, but even more so for adding a 3rd dimension to (previously) flat visual objects. The additional axis allows for much more information to be provided, without (necessarily ;) sacrificing compactness and simplicity.

While I was pushing small boxes around on a 30° grid, Jim Hendler tweeted about his Layer Cake talk from the recent Dagstuhl meeting (which is awesome, BTW. Read it, if you haven't yet) and I started to wonder if an isometric version of the tech stack could help reduce the overload resulting from the current two-dimensional ones. Not really, I fear, but it was a fun experiment nonetheless. Might be worth exploring this a little further. At least the concepts can be separated from specific technologies and the application layer has a different angle than before (which I personally think makes more sense). Anyway, just wanted to share the result. Enjoy.

Semantic Web Technology Stack

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