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paggr wins Semantic Web Challenge 2008

ISWC 2008 in Karlsruhe was just great. Even won the Semantic Web Challenge.
paggr wins semantic web challenge What can I say? I'm still smiling like on the pic on the left (credits: Keith Alexander). And you have no idea how urgently I need the money ;-)

paggr has received very encouraging feedback (or premature praise, rather), so I'm busily working on getting the beta out as soon as possible. Especially given that paggr wouldn't have had a chance to convince the judges without the great amount of Linked Data and all the painful spec work by the Semantic Web Community. The ball's in my court to actually deliver now.

There are some items left on my todo list before I dare sending out more invitation codes (some were added after feedback at ISWC):
  • improved RDF exporter for portals and individual widgets (just finished the first version, using a new thingy called poshRDF)
  • the widget and agent builders should be visual, more like the cool SPARQLMotion editor (I'm working on that now).
  • dropping a widget item on the canvas should auto-open a corresponding details widget
  • widgets should be able to "listen to" other widgets for auto-refreshs
  • a setup wizard that lets you specify initial accounts and data sources

I assume that a fully generic semantic widget and agent platform might be either over- or underwhelming, so I plan to provide a set of ready-to-run apps for paggr. Here are some ideas:
  • feed reader with rich filtering and bookmarking (to and rating
  • microblog and aggregator (twitter + + groups + filters + posting)
  • address book
  • semantic email client
  • calendaring
  • decentralized social network (portable personal profile + lifestream aggregation)
Do you have any preferences or ideas for apps you'd like to see on paggr? I'd be very happy about your suggestions. Leave a comment here or send a mail to paggr [at] semsol [dot] com.

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Dear Benjil, Compliments for Your work! I'm working with ARC2 and It's simply great! So I'm also waiting for Trice :)
Comment by Simone Onofri on 2008-11-06 14:56:13 UTC
My preference would be calendering.
Comment by Brad Jones on 2008-11-06 15:38:27 UTC
Very, very cool app, Paggr. Where's the semantic video app? Guess I will have to come up with that! :)
Comment by Raju Bitter on 2009-01-28 23:36:23 UTC
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