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SPARQLBot - Your Semantic Web Commandline

SPARQLBot is now officially launched
Update: I added a Ubiquity script after a suggestion by Gautier.

SPARQLBot - Your Semantic Web Commandline SPARQLBot, the weekend project we started at SemanticCamp London, is now finally online at a proper home, and with a more solid toolset. I've ported the essential commands from the old site, and the "Getting Started" manual should be online later today as well.

What is SPARQLBot?

SPARQLBot is a web-based service that reads and writes Semantic Web data based on simple, human-friendly commands received via IRC or the Web. The command base can be freely extended using a browser-based editor. SPARQLBot can process microformats, RSS, several RDF serializations, and results from parameterized SPARQL queries.

New Features

SPARQLBot was more or less rewritten from scratch. Compared to the earlier version, things have become much more powerful, but also more simple and stable in many cases. The system can now:
  • operate on multiple freenode IRC channels (just send "join #channel" to "sparqlbot"),
  • reply to private IRC messages,
  • be accessed via the Ubiquity plugin
  • reuse other commands,
  • call web APIs via GET or POST,
  • access arbitrary SPARQL endpoints,
  • help you cut your way through the growing Linked Data cloud,
  • use a single command to combine results from federated SPARQL endpoints and datasets such as DBPedia, DBLP, the SemWeb Conference Corpus, GeoNames , CrunchBase, or flickr wrappr,
  • produce highly customizable output via SPARQL result templates,
  • OpenID-protect your commands,
  • cache results in a local SPARQL+-enabled store.
(please see the manual for details)

If you happen to be at ISWC next month and would like to have a look behind the scenes, I'll present SPARQL+ and SPARQLScript with SPARQL result templates during the poster session.

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