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CrunchBase Interview

I've been interviewed by the CrunchBase team.
Semantic CrunchBase seems to be worth the time I'm putting into it. Thanks to TechCrunch's and CrunchBase' great move to open their data and encourage reuse (and writing about the apps that use their API), I've had the chance to do a couple of SemWeb demos and reach out to the audience that could benefit as much (or maybe even more) from RDF & Co. as the groups we already have on board: Web app developers.

I also got an offer to write some related articles for DevX, and the CrunchBase team just published an interview where I (shamelessly) promote SemWeb development. I am already noticing an increased number of mails asking for RDF introductions, and people are even starting to just figure things out on their own, with friendly SPARQL paving the path.

This might be the right time for a SWEO II (with a focus on the "E") or a similar effort driven by the RDF community.

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