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SPARQLScript Teaser

Basic support for variable assignments, placeholders, IF branches
I just managed to trick my experimental SPARQLScript parser into accepting simple IF-branches and placeholders. Here is an example of what is going to be possible with ARC soon (and yes, I know this snippet most probably won't excite anyone but me ;)
PREFIX dc: <>

# set the endpoint
ENDPOINT <endpoint.php>

# feed still fresh?
$current = ASK FROM <graph-updates> WHERE {
  <> dc:date ?date .
  FILTER (?date > ${now-1h})

# refresh feed and update graph log
IF (!$current) {
  LOAD <>
  INSERT INTO <graph-updates> { <> dc:date "${now}" }
(Parsed Structure)

The fun thing about the whole SPARQLScript experiment is that the parser (so far) is still below 200 LOC. A lot can be re-used from the official SPARQL Grammar, e.g. IF-blocks are really just:
Script ::= ( Query | PrefixDecl | EndpointDecl | Assignment | IFBlock )*
IFBlock ::= 'IF' BrackettedExpression '{' Script '}'

Implementing the actual SPARQLScript processing engine is of course more work than the parser, but I'm making progress there, too.

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How does sparql compare with the "toy" language in chap. 4 of sicp? see: .
Comment by Colm Kennedy on 2008-06-11 11:38:37 UTC
Very cool bengee!
Comment by Keith Alexander on 2008-06-11 13:26:07 UTC
Keith, Thanks :)
Colm, ugh, no idea, sorry.
Comment by Benjamin Nowack on 2008-06-11 15:07:05 UTC
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