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Semantic Web Aliases

A list of names for the Semantic Web
Update: Kingsley provides a number of Web references for most of the buzzwords below.

I just had an interesting twitter dispute with Ian, triggered by his invention of another alias for the Semantic Web. For last year's webinale I created a slide with which I tried to "de-confuse" people a little bit, I guess I'll need several slides this year. This is mostly just for future reference, not many of those are going to stick anyway:

A list of terms people use to name (a subset/aspect/whatever of) the "Semantic Web":
  • Semantic Web (by timbl)
  • SemWeb (by the developer community)
  • Web of Data (by timbl)
  • Data Web (by timbl)
  • The Web as a Database (by timbl)
  • Web of Knowledge (by stefandecker)
  • lowercase semantic [wW]eb (by tantek)
  • Knowledge Web (by ?)
  • Semantic Web 2.0 (by stefandecker)
  • Web 3.0 (by nova)
  • Semantic Graph (by nova)
  • Hyperdata (by danja)
  • Linked Data (by timbl)
  • Linked Data Web (by kidehen)
  • Structured Web (by the structured blogging community and mkbergman)
  • Semantic Data Web (by kidehen)
  • GGG - The Giant Global Graph (by timbl)
  • Web 3G (by iand)

See also: Interblag

And I fear there are more (even w/o considering "Pipe Dream", "Ivory Towers Inc." and similar ones). I like "Structured Web" and "Hyperdata" very much. But at the end of the day (yes, I know silly jargon as well), I think we'll just call it the [sS]emantic [wW]eb ;-)

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I wonder if your dispute with Ian Davis was the same as my dispute with Ian Davis. He didn't even authorise my last comment on the nodalities blog post!

Anyways, I will put my hand up and admit using the following:
* Semantic Web and SemWeb
* Data Web and Web of Data
* Linked Data
* Web of Linked Data

I like Knowledge Web, thats quite nice. I think I have also used "Interconnected Web of Knowledge and Knowledge Domains".

But essentially, you are right. It is just terminology pointing towards the same thing, the Semantic Web.

Many thanks,

Daniel Lewis
Comment by Daniel Lewis on 2008-03-04 20:34:56 UTC
Web XP? (No.)
Comment by Morten Høybye Frederiksen on 2008-03-04 21:11:09 UTC
Comment by Simon Reinhardt on 2008-03-05 06:28:24 UTC
  • Semantic Web - accurate, while curiously misleading
  • Web of Data - rock solid, I reckon
  • Data Web - ditto-ish
  • The Web as a Database - what is it with this fellow and his "Web" obsession?
  • lowercase semantic - humans first. tattoos are cool
  • Knowledge Web - hmm, possibly early AI, though I think James Burke (BBC TV tech innovation presenter from the 1970s) probably has the trademark
  • Semantic Web 2.0 (by stefandecker, IIRC) - Stefan's welcome to it
  • Web 3.0 (by nova) - it's a decade: valid approach, yet still somehow cheesy
  • Semantic Graph (by nova) - green eggs and ham?
  • Hyperdata (by danja) - er already mentioned in 1992 - but I still like it, and so did the Bizer, which is good enough for me..
  • Linked Data (by chrisbizer?) - yes, that Bizer
  • Linked Data Web (by kidehen) - Kingsley++
  • Structured Web (by mkbergman) - yeah, but in contrast too..?
  • Semantic Data Web (by kidehen) - Kingsley++ // hope someone's keeping count
  • SemWeb (by the developer community) - and lousy typists
  • GGG - The Giant Global Graph (by timbl) - I can only think of sweetcorn, still awesome from a vegetable perspective
  • Web 3G (by iand) - nice homage to GGG, but still reminds me of something I missed about 5 years ago (which I've now forgotten, was it to do with power steering?)
Comment by Danny Ayers on 2008-03-05 08:52:04 UTC
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