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DriftR Linked Data Browser and Editor (Screencast)

A screencast of DriftR, an RDF browser/editor for Trice
While I'm unfortunately struggling to find paid projects these days, I had at least some time to work on core technology for my Trice framework and a new knowee release. The latest module is an in-browser RDF viewer and editor for Linked Data, heavily inspired by the freebase UI (hopefully with less screen flickering, though).

I'm clearly not there yet, but today I uploaded a screencast (quicktime 4MB), and I think I can start incorporating it into the knowee tools soon. Have fun watching it if you like, and Merry X-Mas!

DriftR Screencast

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Linked Data Browser + Screencast (Trackback):
Bengee has announced the Linked Data Browser/Editor (along with a great screencast)- another important piece in knowee, available soon. Check it out!
Trackback from "se.m.edia" on 2007-12-22 18:37:32 UTC
What about namespace awareness? I have now watched the screencast, and wondered how I would distinguish two predicates with the same name, originating from different schemas. Furthermore, the generated RDF looks a little bit buggy, since the xml namespace prefixes for the properties are not defined.
Comment by Martin on 2007-12-29 22:59:47 UTC
Martin, the tool currently shows a tooltip when you keep the mouse over the suggested predicate to make the namespace explicit. The forms also display rdfs:comments (if available) to help with a term's semantics.

XML namespaces are defined in the generated RDF/XML. Firefox just hides them in the default/built-in XML view (I tweaked the content header in the demo to avoid a download dialog). The output has been tested for validity.
Comment by Benjamin Nowack on 2007-12-30 16:58:52 UTC
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