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URIQA bad good news

PHP5 may harm URIQA principles.
A couple of weeks ago I posted a hack to enable URIQA functionality on average hosted web servers. Hannes Gassert pinged me yesterday to tell me that an upcoming PHP release is going to support arbitrary HTTP verbs. Using unknown HTTP methods won't prevent PHP scripts from being called. This is basically a nice idea as it would allow me to use my standard CMS rewrite scripts to process URIQA reguests (actually it means that URIQA can easily be implemented on any PHP-enabled web server). But it also means that php sites which use default rewrite rules (e.g. where any request is passed to a central php script) will handle an MGET request just like a GET request if they don't do any method-specific checks.

URIQA's main advantage compared to other resource description discovery approaches (e.g. doing a HEAD before requesting metadata) is its efficiency: non-understood requests are meant to either return a (short) HTTP error or machine-readable, useful data. PHP seems to be adding potential ambiguity now that doesn't devaluate URIQA's utility but unfortunately it's efficiency argument.

Note to self: Don't mention that on rdf-interest. 2005 is still too young to reawake that thread. Hm, or maybe it's the right time now to propose my absolutely unambiguous offline approach again...

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