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New and modified SKOS core documentation terms

new skos terms
I was searching for properties that could be used as documentation properties in RDFS or OWL vocabularies. Today, Alistair Miles announced "extended support" for SKOS notes. There are some new sub-properties of rdfs:comment that perfectly fit. Additionally, the domain of the notes is no longer limited to skos:Concept, so they can now be used with RDFS and OWL terms: The following properties have been added to SKOS Core:

- publicNote
- privateNote
- historyNote
- editorialNote
- changeNote

In addition, the following properties have been modified:

- definition
- example
- scopeNote

The modifications were:

(i) rdfs:domain statements removed.
(ii) Super-property statements changed.
- skos:publicNote
- - skos:definition
- - skos:example
- - skos:scopeNote
- - skos:historyNote
- skos:privateNote
- - skos:editorialNote
- - skos:changeNote

N.B. None of these properties have any rdfs domain/range statements, and so may be used to describe resources of any type.

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